LEANspatial offers a range of 3D scanning services to various industries, with a speciality in reality capture solutions to the heritage industry.  This is for both As-built documentation for heritage listed buildings and 3D scanning of remote and isolated indigenous heritage places.Our scanning solutions can also be used to generate & analyse:

  • Land Form Modelling (DTM)
    • Digital Terrain Models
    • Stockpile / Dam Volume
    • Deformation Analysis.
  • Vessel & Tank Volumes
    • Accurate Vessel volumes, determines as-is capacity.
    • Can be compared to theoretical or historic model to analyse deformation over time.
  • Plant and Infrastructure Modelling
    • Rich, accurate data for incorporation into CAD/Modelling suites.
  • Heritage Documentation
    • Specialist solutions ranging from the entire site and surrounding environment to single object / artefact digital recording.
  • ‘Stop & Go’ Scanning Solutions
    • Fast and effective corridor mapping for road, rail & Mine data acquisition.

Our deliverable products can vary from Point Clouds for incorporation into CAD and Modelling suites, 3D PDF & Web Visualisation, Point Cloud Animation, & Photo rendered 3D Printing.

Dam wall volumetric analysis

Dam Wall Volumetric Modelling

Stop and Go Corridor Scan

Stop and Go corridor scan

3D modeling and printing

3D modeling and printing

3D Rendering Demo

3D Point Cloud Demo